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Brunswick Care

Location and Contact details

162 Church Road
162 Church Road

Telephone: 01273 728888


Type of organisation

  • Private Company Service

Descripton of organisation

  • Domiciliary Service
  • Community Based Service

miles (straight line)
miles (approximate road distance)

Entry last updated

Mar 5, 2013

Further Details

We work with personal injury lawyers, insurance companies, other healthcare professionals and family members to improve and sustain the overall quality of life for our clients by providing the highest possible quality of care and rehabilitation following their personal injury.

Each of our clients has a Care Manager who will assess, develop, implement, monitor and review a highly personalised care package that is designed to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Depending on the needs of each person, this could include any of the following:

> Home care services, helping with personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting and help with feeding, diet and nutrition.

> Home help tasks, helping with daily living tasks such as shopping, preparing meals and domestic chores.

> Nursing care, providing medical and clinical care such as pediatric care, stoma care, wound and burns management, mental health care, orthopaedic care and palliative care.

> Psychological services, such as mental health status evaluations, neuro-psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy and bereavement counselling.

> Rehabilitation services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

> Quality of life services, such as computer installation and support, household repairs and adaptions, pet care and dog walking, hairdressing, reflexology and massage, household waste removal and gardening services.

These services are provided by our own team of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, where care is either provided in your home, place of work or in the community.

In addition, we are able to help you to create a team of your own healthcare professionals and Personal Assistants, assisting with recruiting, training and supporting your team.

This could include:

> Assessing your needs

> Planning your Care Package

> Supporting your application

> Preparing Job Descriptions

> Recruitment & Selection

> Staff Training

> Payroll administration

> Employment legislation

> Employers liability Insurance

> Supporting you and your family

Our staff team are specifically recruited in partnership with the client and their family, to be able to deliver the agreed care plan of which the client has full involvement.

Services available

ABI Specialist National Regional Local
Advice yes yes yes yes
Art Therapy yes yes yes yes
Assistive technology yes yes yes yes
Community support yes yes yes yes
Counselling yes yes yes yes
Domiciliary Care yes yes yes yes
Family Support yes no yes yes
Information yes no no yes
Leisure Activities yes no no yes
Music Therapy yes no no yes
Nursing yes yes yes yes
Respite Care yes yes yes yes
Training (for clients/patients) yes yes yes yes
Training (for families/carers) yes yes yes yes
Vocational Support yes yes yes yes
Voluntary Activity yes yes yes yes
National = country wide, Regional = offering a service within 150 miles, Local = offering a service within 50 miles

This service adheres to the following Regulatory Frameworks / is affiliated to the following bodies:

Brunswick Care is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and are member of ABIL and UKABIF

CQC passed inspection - 3 May 2012

Referrals can be made by

GP yes
Consultant yes
Healthcare Professional yes
Self/Advocate/Family yes
Other professional eg Social Care/Case Manager yes

How are services paid for?

yes Publicly funded - individually commissioned
Regularly Sometimes Never
NHS noyesno
Social Care Services noyesno
Jointly funded by NHS & Social Care Services noyesno

yes Privately funded (anyone can purchase)

Typical duration that a service is offered

Care packages depend on the needs of each client but can be short-term and focussed, through to a multiple of years, dependening on the individuals recovery process.

This Service was mapped by Kent ABI Forum. See HERE for more information

Services available are defined by the following EHIG Rehabilitation Codes

For an explanation of the codings please click here


[Code 110]
Patient description
Information and guidance over a continuum. Family support and outreach. Advocacy

All sites

Description of rehabilitation input
Information and guidance over a continuum. Family support and outreach. Advocacy


[Code 115]
Patient description
Medically stable. Able to live in the community alone or with others.

Client's home/the community

Description of rehabilitation input
Enablement, support and care to develop social skills, stamina, confidence, attention & leisure pursuits, sorting out benefits, day supervision & respite care. Specific attention paid to Community involvement & integration (further education etc), Personal social development and empowerment and structuring activity towards achieving goals. Includes support that may be purchased with a personal budget.


[Code 125]
Patient description
Medically stable. Wanting to engage further with the community, alone or with others.

All sites

Description of rehabilitation input
Organised activity in the community offering opportunities to develop skills through voluntary work and activity.

This service is defined by the NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) codes as:

For an explanation of the NMDS, please click here

No Data for NMDS

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