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The Relaxation Centre

Location and Contact details

The Wellspring Clinic
1 Clanricarde Gardens
Tunbridge Wells


Type of organisation

  • Private Company Service

Descripton of organisation

  • Community Based Service

miles (straight line)
miles (approximate road distance)

Entry last updated

Feb 19, 2013

Further Details

Mind/Body Connection

The relaxation centre was developed by Belinda Freeman, to for-fill the need to provide a calm, safe environment for patients to be proactive & supported by qualified practitioners, in the search for physical, emotional and spiritual health.

There is a link between her patients symptoms such as insomnia, arthritis, back, neck, hip, shoulder pain, fibromyagic, RSI, and musculoskeletal infertility, hormonal, immune disorders digestive problems, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, poor circulation, headaches, migraines, low energy, skin disorders, tension, and emotional health, posture, diet, exercise, stress & life management.

Proactive in health.

Belinda has been training, experiencing & working with massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, complementary and alternative medicine since 1976 and recently, counselling and psychotherapy since 1998, & has worked with patients of many cultures and needs, from premature babies to those in their 90's; people looking after themselves, suffering from stress, tension muscle pain and sleep disorders, with Cancer, Aids, ME, MS, Motor neurone disease, Parkinson's, chronic arthritis, ankylosing spondilitis, behavioural problems and learning difficulties, depression, mental health issues, premature babies, children, immune, digestive & hormonal disorders, infertility and providing natural health care & stress management during pregnancy.

Belinda has experience of working in hospitals, residential centres, GP practices, The Hale Clinic, Dulwich Medical Centre and her own private clinic. Patients seeing Belinda for massage cannot see her for psychotherapy.

She is available for talks and demonstrations on Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Back care, Musculoskeletal disorders, Pain Management, Relaxation therapy, The Mind /Body connection, Relaxation and its benefits during infertility treatments, pregnancy and childbirth. Occupational hazards & Stress Management.

Services available

ABI Specialist National Regional Local
Physiotherapy no no no yes
National = country wide, Regional = offering a service within 150 miles, Local = offering a service within 50 miles

This service adheres to the following Regulatory Frameworks / is affiliated to the following bodies:

Referrals can be made by

GP yes
Consultant yes
Healthcare Professional yes
Self/Advocate/Family yes
Other professional eg Social Care/Case Manager yes

How are services paid for?

Regularly Sometimes Never
NHS ???
Social Care Services ???
Jointly funded by NHS & Social Care Services ???

yes Privately funded (anyone can purchase)

Typical duration that a service is offered

No Data

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Services available are defined by the following EHIG Rehabilitation Codes

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[Code 100]
Patient description
Medically stable, but permanent disability

Domiciliary, residential or nursing home, respite unit

Description of rehabilitation input
Life long prevention of avoidable complications involving residual physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems, on a domiciliary, outpatient or respite basis.

This service is defined by the NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) codes as:

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No Data for NMDS

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