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Wellington Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

Location and Contact details

The Wellington Hospital
Circus Road, St John's Wood
Greater London

Telephone: 0207 586 2462


Type of organisation

  • Private Company Service

Descripton of organisation

  • In patient

miles (straight line)
miles (approximate road distance)

Entry last updated

Oct 25, 2012

Further Details

The Wellington Hospital is a 266 bedded facility in London and is home to the largest private Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit in the UK. The Unit has 46 dedicated and purpose designed rooms and in addition has multiple specialist treatment areas encompassing four floors.

We provide comprehensive interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation programmes to patients aged 18 and over with acquired brain injury, neurological conditions and complex medical disability.

As the unit is based within the Wellington Hospital with ready access to intensive care and acute services, we are able to accept patients at a very early stage when they may continue to require a high degree of medical and nursing care. This enables us to provide necessary medical and nursing care whilst commencing a rehabilitation programme thus ensuring that potential secondary complications are avoided. The programme is then progressed as appropriate.

All of our rooms have an en-suite shower room specifically designed for individuals with varying levels of ability. The therapy facilities are also of a very high standard with two large gym areas and a state-of-the art hydrotherapy pool. In addition to this we have access to a wide variety of therapy equipment and aids to daily living which promote independence and support best practice guidelines.

We place the patients and their families at the centre of everything that we do. We monitor progress through setting goals and work towards a discharge plan that is established where possible prior to admission and is appropriate for the patient's needs and wants.

Services available

ABI Specialist National Regional Local
Acute Medical Care yes yes no no
Advice yes yes no no
Assistive technology yes yes no no
Counselling yes yes no no
Equipment yes yes no no
Neuropsychology yes yes no no
Nursing yes yes no no
Occupational Therapy yes yes no no
Physiotherapy yes yes no no
Speech & Language Therapy yes yes no no
National = country wide, Regional = offering a service within 150 miles, Local = offering a service within 50 miles

This service adheres to the following Regulatory Frameworks / is affiliated to the following bodies:

CARF accredited (3 years) for the inpatient rehabilitation programme for adults
CHKS accredited
Members of APIL, ABIL and UKABIF

Referrals can be made by

GP yes
Consultant yes
Healthcare Professional yes
Self/Advocate/Family yes
Other professional eg Social Care/Case Manager yes

- Insurance companies, Solicitors and Embassies

How are services paid for?

yes Publicly funded - free at point of access
Regularly Sometimes Never
NHS noyesno
Social Care Services nonoyes
Jointly funded by NHS & Social Care Services nonoyes

yes Privately funded (anyone can purchase)

Typical duration that a service is offered

3 - 24 weeks

This Service was mapped by Eastern Region ABI. See HERE for more information

Services available are defined by the following EHIG Rehabilitation Codes

For an explanation of the codings please click here


[Code 40]
Patient description
Needs in-patient care due to physical dependency, or the need for specialist therapy equipment, a safe environment, supervision, or intensity of therapy, in a unit with the expertise and experience in rehabilitation of a condition (Level 1)which cannot be provided in a local specialist centre or in the community (Level 2) which cannot be provided in the community.

Level 1: Regional specialized centre Level 2: Local specialist centre, Acute or community hospital

Description of rehabilitation input
Needs inpatient care due to physical dependency, or need for specialist therapy equipment, safe environment, supervision or intensity of therapy which cannot be provided in community


[Code 60]
Patient description
Medically stable, but low awareness or response persists beyond eg 3 weeks after sedation withdrawn, ICP corrected and medically stable. Able to benefit from medical and physical therapy to prevent complications and support recovery.

Community hospital or specialist inpatient

Description of rehabilitation input
Assessment/active rehabilitation phase which needs to be distinguished from long term care, although planning care increasingly important aim after some (eg 6) months. Patients may go to active participation unit if they improve sufficiently.


[Code 80]
Patient description
Medically stable, independently mobile, primarily cognitive impairments likely to benefit from intensive neuropsychological therapy

Domiciliary or day hospital

Description of rehabilitation input
Interdisciplinary, holistic and intensive assessment and therapy programme – addressing individual cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs, with the aim of a return to work, studies or independent community life.


[Code 100]
Patient description
Medically stable, but permanent disability

Domiciliary, residential or nursing home, respite unit

Description of rehabilitation input
Life long prevention of avoidable complications involving residual physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems, on a domiciliary, outpatient or respite basis.

This service is defined by the NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) codes as:

For an explanation of the NMDS, please click here

No Data for NMDS

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