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West Kent Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit

Location and Contact details

Darent House, Sevenoaks Hospital
Hospital Road
TN13 3PG

Telephone: 01732 228284


Type of organisation

  • NHS Service

Descripton of organisation

  • In patient
  • Out patient

miles (straight line)
miles (approximate road distance)

Entry last updated

Oct 13, 2014

Further Details


West Kent Neuro-rehabilitation Unit at Sevenoaks is an eight-bed inpatient service for West Kent residents. It is a patient centred neuro-rehabilitation service focussing on complex ABI patients requiring a Multi Disciplinary Team intervention in a specialist setting who have experienced non-progressive neurological illness or accident. Helping patients acquire new skills so they can re-adjust to independent life in the community, the service best meets the needs of younger adults.

The unit is part of the West Kent NHS and Social Care Trust. It can help people with:

head injury: known as traumatic brain injury
stroke: known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)
Guillain Barre syndrome / viral myelitis
acoustic neuroma

The multidisciplinary team at the unit helps patients identify and work towards realistic goals in important areas of the individual's life. These areas could include mobility, work, study, leisure, personal, social or domestic activities.

Where appropriate, the unit's team also provides emotional support to the patient's carers and relatives. Staff members recognise that this can be a difficult time and are familiar with the range of different emotions that can be experienced.

Neuropsychiatric in-reach is available onsite.

Services available

ABI Specialist National Regional Local
Assistive technology no no no yes
Clinical psychology yes no no yes
Community support yes no no yes
Counselling yes no no yes
Family Support yes no no yes
Information yes no no yes
Neuropsychiatry yes no no yes
Neuropsychology yes no no yes
Nursing yes no no yes
Occupational Therapy yes no no yes
Physiotherapy yes no no yes
Psychiatry yes no no yes
Psychology yes no no yes
Rehabilitation Consultant no no no yes
Speech & Language Therapy yes no no yes
Training (for clients/patients) yes no no yes
Training (for families/carers) yes no no yes
Training (for staff) yes no no yes
Vocational Support yes no no yes
Voluntary Activity yes no no yes
National = country wide, Regional = offering a service within 150 miles, Local = offering a service within 50 miles

This service adheres to the following Regulatory Frameworks / is affiliated to the following bodies:

NHS Service
RCS Psychiatrists
RC Physicians

Referrals can be made by

GP yes
Consultant yes
Healthcare Professional yes
Self/Advocate/Family no
Other professional eg Social Care/Case Manager no

How are services paid for?

yes Publicly funded - free at point of access
Regularly Sometimes Never
NHS yesnono
Social Care Services nonoyes
Jointly funded by NHS & Social Care Services noyesno

Typical duration that a service is offered

Inpatient stay varies from 30-180 days depending on needs. Average length of stay is 60-90 days.

This Service was mapped by Kent ABI Forum. See HERE for more information

Services available are defined by the following EHIG Rehabilitation Codes

For an explanation of the codings please click here


[Code 75]
Patient description
Medically stable, requiring supportive environment/accommodation, able to actively participate with and benefit from therapy. Will include spectrum of initial severity of injury with a small minority derived from Code 05 category

Residential Care/Supported Housing

Description of rehabilitation input
Retraining and enablement in day-to-day domestic and community-based tasks in a non-hospital, home-like environment, aimed at community re-integration/ inclusion by enhancing independence, wellbeing, & assist return to work/ education. In collaboration with Social Services, neuropsychiatry, voluntary and statutory services. Help for family/carers in supporting the person in these roles, and with identifying statutory support available.

This service is defined by the NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) codes as:

For an explanation of the NMDS, please click here

Level 3A (other local specialist services): Treat patients with Category C needs and is led/supported by consultants trained in specialties other than rehabilitation medicine

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